Proudly Indonesian.

Introducing Authentic Indonesian Cuisine to Toronto

Inspired by its multicultural heritage, SAMBAL presents a respectful take on Indonesia’s culinary mosaic to Canada’s largest cultural melting pot.


It’s been very challenging to find Indonesian food in the GTA, that’s both accessible and authentic. As an Indonesian, I’m pleasantly surprised by how SAMBAL nails down every dish, especially their Ayam Kremes. Great service, fair pricing and consistent. I hope they’re here to stay!

Natasha Gan

We’ve never had Indonesian food before and we ordered three dishes that were pretty different, and they were all amazing!! Almost tastes like a blend of all the best things you expect from different Asian cuisines. Will be ordering this food online when the popup ends.

Przemyslaw Raczynski

Me and my friend first went to this restaurant and commented “this tastes like my Mom’s cooking!” The lady said that it was the best comment she wanted to hear and everything just tastes amazing! I got the rice that’s recommended if you can handle a bit spicy food, the noodles my friend got was also delicious! It isn’t spicy but tastes Exactly what I remembered I ate before, child hood memories

Bingbing Li